May 2, 2011

Senart's Oyster and Chop House Washington, DC

Capital Hill's New Oyster Bar

Opening 04/28/2011

520 8Th St SE

 Senart's was named after another Oyster House at the same location open between 1913 - 1939


The revival of Senart's Oyster and Chop House is another example of Xavier Cervera's influence on the dining scene in the Barracks Row section of SE Washington, DC. Truly a visionary with a passion for preserving the history of the area and at the same time providing unique dining experiences for the future. I am proud to have been associated with the design, manufacturing and installation of the custom seating for this exciting new venue.
Original 100 year old Coca-Cola "ghost mural"
on the buildings outside wall is being restored

50-foot-long white Carrera Marble slab bar


Carrera Marble gets it's name from Carrera, Italy,
 the city in which this
marble is most commonly quarried

                                     Walnut bar stools were created to look as though they
                                      were here when this place originally opened in 1913


Ambiance reflective of 1920's
Washington, DC nightlife

                   Black Leather and Walnut banquettes, dining tables and
                          chairs pay respect to days past when Senart's Oyster House
        was a favorite place to hang out for the people of
               SE Washington, the Marine Corps Barracks, and the
                                             Navy ship yard.

Banquette seating surrounded by vintage photographs
from the Washington, DC area

Restaurateur -Xavier Cervera

                                             I would like to thank Xavier Cervera
                                             for the opportunity to create Senart's
                                             custom bar stools, dining chairs, booths
                                             and banquettes.

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